Hi All,


Not much of a daily blogger hey? LOl

But anyway, I have been busy working and stuff like that and busy building a KALI Linux machine on my trusty Dell E6410.

I have build it from USB with Rufus and a Kali ISO image. Everything went pretty fine actually. Only thing is when I boot up and log in it just hibernates and then when I click the on/off button again it boots in straight away....really weird.

I don't see anything I can use when running dmesg but anyway. It works and it works properly as far as I can tell.

The funny thing is because everything is ran as root in KALI, Chrome is complaining its ass off, so I use FireFox ESR for now and I probably stick to it.

I already used pen-testing tools like airmon-ng, aireplay-ng and aircrack-ng. Couldn't hack into the naeighbours wifi but I was close enough. Tested my own wifi security as well and it seems to be fine. Thing I never will understand that it comes to a word list at the end and then trying to figure out the password... I would expect that I could check character by character instead of a fixed word, but maybe I am missing out. I am a rookie anyway and learning a great deal at the moment.

I used this article to learn and try out : http://lewiscomputerhowto.blogspot.nl/2014/06/how-to-hack-wpawpa2-wi-fi-with-kali.html

I have to run now, but will be back with more stories soon.

Have fun and take care