Hi All,

Been a while, but I have been busy and took my LPIC-101 exam, which I failed.... :-((( So I scheduled a new one in May. I won't go into real detail, but I was nervous as hell and that might be one of the reasons why. Also I concentrated on the wrong things I guess and probably under estimated the exam a bit. But hey, next time better.

These were my results:

First two are pretty good, but I need to concentrate more on the last two. Good to know for next month!

I updated the site with a new section called Documents, which will be filled up with documents that I find useful, documents that are harder to find and exam preps. I just wanted to have everything in one place, so instead of filling up my Google Drive I thought I would share and keep it a bit organised this way for people to browse through. Most of the time (because of the business model behind it I guess) good documents and training material is hard to find, because that's where people want to make money when it comes to Linux and / or free software.

Another thing you might have noticed is the usermenu. If you sigh up, you can keep your test results and it will remember where you left off the last time.

Have fun!